Saturday, July 11, 2009

Terrariums? Yes, please!

From tree spirits to gnome houses, you can find just about any little decoration for your terrarium on ETSY. It has become a very hip thing to sell.. Oh and let's not forget actual terrariums...

....But let's talk about how easy it is to actually make your own.. Michaels or any craft store will sell little glass jars for pretty cheap... I picked some up and went on a treasure hunt for some moss in April. I didn't have to look very hard either! There was some right outside my bedroom window. Growing in a well shaded moist area on some rocky terrain. I put some rocks on the bottom of the glass jars then layered a bit of potting soil on top.. Then I scooped up some of the moss and gently laid it on top of the soil pressing it down just slightly. Took my water bottle and covered the top of the moss with water. It cost me a whole $3.oo for 1 terrarium.

The second terrarium I did I actually went out and bought a plant. If you're wondering what kind of plants work best in a closed terrarium.. I really can't tell you.. I looked it up on the internet, but could never really find the right plants in the stores.. Till one day I was strolling through the pet store looking for plants for my aquarium and I found these "live aquatic plants". They market them for aquariums, but don't let them fool you. They die in aquariums because they are not true aquatic plants. However, they live amazingly well in terrariums.


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