Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jenny and Johnny

Went and saw Jenny and Johnny at the Culture Collide Block Party on 10-10-10.

They were doomed from the beginning when it took the crew over an hour just to set up. They rocked it anyway even though the odds were against them.

It seems there was some backlash when Johnny was trying to get the acoustic guitar to work and told the stage hand to "Get the fuck off the stage, I'll play it electric.."

Don't worry Johnny.. I agree. The stage hand wasn't helping at all he was just making it worse. Jenny to the rescue to lighten the mood.. "Shits free..right??? Sweeet.."

Some reviews from the night might tell you to "Get your money back.." for the free show.. Not me.. I love seeing when shit gets real.. They're just normal people who fuck up too.

On that note.. I'll quote Johnny one more time..
"Let's just play Next Messiah and get the fuck out of here.."

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